it’s been so long since i’ve posted here! frankly, i’ve forgotten that my little corner of the internet even exists. maybe i’ll try and do more stuff with this in the future… haha… just kidding. see you all in another six months! but seriously, so much has happened. i’m out as trans, i’ve learned CSS, i’ve (started) learning C++, and just so much other stuff! see ya!

adventures in Xbox One Dev mode

so i’m the developer at bluer reddish green , a new, experimental indie game dev company. we have a microsoft developer’s license, and we’re probably releasing our new game on xbox as well. to do that, we have to test on an xbox. and the only way to do that is by using the Developer mode supplied by microsoft that turns my old 2014 Xbox One into a Devkit. so it worked, and we could deploy code effortlessly, is what we would have said if we were dreaming. startup errors are abundant, and the xbox inadvertently refreshed itself halfway through a startup. and then i got an E200 error that forced my hand into resetting the xbox fully. and one person in my family owns all the games, so i can’t play anything until they log the fuck back on. rant over.

my school district’s weird IT policies

so the school district near me has a whole lot of weird IT policies that are odd and don’t help at all. you have to use a VPN to grade student work. they use google drive, and it’s installed through… Microsoft Software Center? the intranet links to external sites and it’s just so weird.

The Owl House

have you ever heard of the owl house? if not, basically: harry potter meets undertale meets the lord of the rings it’s a good show with lots of representation. give us season two, disney. or else we’ll turn king into a weapon. he has little cute horns.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

so, a teacher of mine has watched the show “Mythic Quest.” that may not have significance, but i have also watched that show. there’s a scene in episode 9, “Blood Ocean,” where Poppy Li, the lead engineer at Mythic Quest, a game development company, is drawing jail bars with a dry-erase marker on a glass window in the office, saying, “this isn’t a job. this is a prison. these are prison bars” and i drew that moment. so it’s now immortalized (until another teacher comes in) on my teacher’s art wall section of the whiteboard. it’s not good art, it’s art. i don’t do quality. -fabric overalls